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Global Futures Conference 2022: Shaping Tomorrow, Today

September 20-22, 2022
New York City, Javits Center

Global Futures Conference 2022: Shaping Tomorrow, Today is a space for a broad global stakeholder community to respond to the following inquiry: “What are the non-negotiable ‘must have’ targets and ‘must do’ actions that can accelerate the necessary change to a safe, just, and habitable planet for all?” In an interactive format, experts across disciplines, sectors, and worldviews will collaboratively formulate a bold but actionable set of levers for global transformational change.

Curated, produced, and disseminated in an accessible format as a manageable number of critical action steps – bold in framing and consequence – the outcomes will guide discourse and policy-making substantively. This event is co-convened by the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory based at Arizona State University, and will take place amidst the United Nations General Assembly and Climate Week in Manhattan.