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Earth League Annual Workshop 2020

Fellows convened for the annual Earth League scientific symposium virtually, over two days in October, 2020, joined by students, colleagues, and invited guests. In addition to the topics below, participants engaged in discussions around such questions as, What are we, as scientists, able to say to the world now enduring the shock of COVID-19, and engage more deeply beyond traditional publications about what has to happen in the coming decade and act as a catalyzing force?

  • COVID-19: an accidental experiment that improved air quality at the global scale (led by Guy Brasseur)
  • COVID-19 modeling research in the Center for Earth System Science at Tsinghua University, related to international collaborative control of COVID-19 in the future (led by Peng Gong)
  • Greening the COVID 19 Response, Recovery and Redesign: Building Blocks of a Coherent Planning Framework – Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (led by Takeuchi Kazuhiko and Eric Zusman)
  • How will COVID-19 shape our future? (led by Daniela Jacob, Kristie Ebi, and Rachel Warren)
  • The decade of transformations – our role as the Earth League (led by Johan Rockstrom)
  • Tipping positive change towards the COP26 / UNFCCC objectives (Tim Lenton, Simon Sharpe)
  • What is the state of Fridays for Future during the pandemic (isolation), and what is the future of youth climate activism? (Alexandria Villasenor)