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Requesting input for this year’s 10 New Insights in Climate Science

The 10 New Insights in Climate Science series, jointly developed by The Earth League, Future Earth, and the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), is an annual synthesis highlighting essential recent advances in climate change research with high policy relevance, from natural and social sciences. This influential policy report has been launched every year since 2017 at the climate COP with participation from the UNFCCC  Executive Secretary.

Every year we rely on an extensive effort of expert consultation across the research networks of the three partner organizations. We are seeking the input of active researchers, across all disciplines, working with issues related to climate change.

Please fill out this form and share your thoughts about what essential new climate change insights, discoveries, and advancements should be highlighted for policy-makers, negotiators and the general public. You can also indicate your interest in contributing as a co-author of the peer-review paper that underpins the policy report. The manuscripts from the 2020, 2021, and 2022 installments have been published in the journal Global Sustainability. This call is open until 17 February 2023.